Software developmentΒΆ

The following section includes information on resources associated with the Chama software project, including the GitHub repository, the Python Package Index (PyPI), software tests, documentation, bug reports, feature requests, and information on contributing.

GitHub: The Chama software repository is hosted on GitHub at

PyPI: The latest stable version is hosted on PyPI at

Testing: Automated testing is run using TravisCI at Test coverage statistics are collected using Coveralls at Tests can be run locally using nosetests:

nosetests -v --with-coverage --cover-package=chama chama

Documentation: Documentation is built using Read the Docs and hosted at

Bug reports and feature requests: Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted to The core development team will prioritize requests.

Contributing: Software developers are expected to follow standard practices to document and test new code. Pull requests will be reviewed by the core development team. See for a list of contributors.