Chama requires Python (tested on 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9) along with several Python package dependencies. Information on installing and using Python can be found at Python distributions, such as Anaconda, are recommended to manage the Python interface.

To install the latest stable version of Chama using pip:

pip install chama

To install the development branch of Chama from source using git:

git clone
cd chama
python install

Developers should build Chama using the ‘develop’ option.


Required Python package dependencies include:

Optional Python package dependencies include:

Required Pyomo supported MIP solver:

  • In addition to the Python package dependencies, a Pyomo supported MIP solver is required to solve the optimization problems formulated in Chama. Examples of solvers that meet this requirement include GLPK [Makh10], Gurobi [GUROBI], and CPLEX [CPLEX].

  • GLPK can be installed through conda-forge, conda install -c conda-forge glpk